About The Podcast

Discussing some of today’s livest topics. Educating the community. Helping drunk people out of the street. Never turning down a dollar donation even if we have a pocket full. Our goal is to be the voice of Central Florida and then jump ship like everybody else.

Our Goals and Vision

Be the voice of the people and help everybody be the best they can.



Community activism

Justice for all

Who We Are

A couple of guys trying to make enough difference that people talking about us have to put up or shut up. Or loan us a couple dollars.

Our Story

In the famous words of Drake and Fifty cent “we started from the bottom now we here. Trying to get wealthy or die trying.”

I just drop the mic and broke it! SMH

New Episodes Weekly

Live Every Thursday @ 9am

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Meet The Hosts

Jay Jay Jones

Jay Jay Jones


Handsome, charismatic, gregarious, ruthless tea conneissuer. Jay Jay Jones loves the kids. All about helping others the brother is a proclaimed activist who enjoys enlightening others especially if they sit around and listens.

Taj 1 is the supreme other half of the tag team duo ifitsalrightwithyall. check him out on facebook and instagram, or hit him up on ifitsalrightwithyall.com

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